Fleet owners and Managers are faced with onerous fuel costs in the current economic climate and are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency, Remapping is an ever increasing valuable service to this industry.

At MMGPERFORMANCE we understand no two vehicle fleets are the same and therefore we are able to tailor a personalised package to protect the integrity of your  wider contract responsibilities. 


The advantages of fleet remapping are :-

  • Guaranteed fuel savings of up to 15% from day one.
  • Tangible early returns enjoyed on your one-off investment.
  • No modifications required with zero impact on warranty or vehicle values.
  • Using our services we undertake to remap several vehicles on the same day via our mobile workshop, thus ensuring minimum downtime / earnings-loss for your company's fleet.
  • Better for the environment through lower overall emissions.
  • Lower maintenance costs as a direct result of the overall cleaner emissions, thereby preventing early DPF and EGR failures.




  • We offer an introductory price for you first vehicle to enable you to evaluate your overall potential savings.
  • For full fleet coverage we offer a special pricing structure dependant on vehicle numbers / vehicle mix.